Are you struggling to plan your trip to Scotland?

♥ Perhaps you have already started mapping our your perfect itinerary, but somehow it doesn’t add up and you need help filling gaps (or cutting destinations)?

♥ Maybe you are visiting for the very first time and have questions about local culture, how to drive or use public transport, what to pack and other things you should know before you go?

♥ Or it could be that you are totally overwhelmed and need an expert to help you plan an itinerary that fits your travel style.


No matter what you struggle with, if you need help planning your trip to Scotland, I can help!


But first, I need to know how much help you’d like…

My Travel Consultation Services

But don’t just take my word for it…

Hiring Kathi to do an itinerary overview for our upcoming trip to Scotland was the best money we ever spent. She made wonderful suggestions about our plans and promptly responded to every email (and there were a lot!) I sent her. We believe she went above and beyond in the services she provided to us and we have no doubt that our trip of a lifetime will be better because of her input.

Karen McIntosh

I am grateful to have found Kathi and her web site Watchmesee! She provides vast amounts of helpful information about traveling in Scotland. She reviewed my itinerary and made helpful recommendations of things to do and see in each location I planned to visit. I was most concerned about making my travel plans since I intended to use only public transportation and my own 2 feet! She provided specific websites and instructions for trains and buses down to the # of the bus to take! It was seamless and removed all the stress of getting to my destinations! I highly recommend her, her services and her informative blog! Be sure to check out her web site before you travel to Scotland! You will be glad you did!!

Lyn Steuart

My husband, daughter and myself just returned from a magical trip to Scotland. Kathi helped us plan the perfect Holiday and all her recommendations were spot on. We saw things we didn’t know we wanted to see. Since it was a driving vacation, we really appreciated the daily structure including driving instructions. I would highly recommend Kathi for planning your perfect trip!

Darlene Goltz

I’m so glad that I used your trip planning service for my family’s trip to Scotland. You did a great job listening to the desires and needs of my family, and our trip went flawlessly with the right amount of time in each location, and your recommendations for sightseeing and restaurants were spot-on. We also appreciated the links to your blog posts embedded within the travel pack, so we were well prepared. This was money well spent and I’d do it again. Thank you so much!

Jessica Huff

Kathi has a deep knowledge of the whole Scotland, she probably know all the puffins and coos by their nickname. She planned a family trip for us this year and it was outstanding. She can listen and understand what you want during your vacation and can direct you accordingly.

Frederic Van Haute

My wife and myself have just returned from two weeks in the Hebrides and our trip was awesome thanks to Kathi’s blog! It really helped us to choose where we wanted to go and how long to spend in each place. Kathi has a wealth of knowledge that she so kindly shares with us all so we can have as much love for Scotland as she does ❤️❤️❤️

Christian Slowey