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I publish a lot of free information on this website and even though I also offer some paid services (more below), the majority of my work goes into creating great content about Scotland that you can access entirely for free.

A lot of time and effort goes into every single travel guide, itinerary and inspiring blog post on this site. And unless I’m on a paid campaign, also a lot of money to do. trips for research and find amazing places & experiences to tell you about.

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When I launched my Scotland podcast Wild for Scotland, I created a Patreon page for it. Patreon gives you the chance to support the creators whose content you love with a monthly donation. You can sign up to my Patreon and pledge an amount of £3 or £6.

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Become a Patreon

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If you are planning a trip to Scotland, check out my ready-made itineraries and my itinerary planning services

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Financial giving isn’t always an option, but you can still support what I do.

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