Scotland Travel Journal

Never forget the best moments from your travel experiences!

Making special memories in Scotland is easy. But keeping them fresh, remembering all those details years later – that’s tricky!
Enter the print-at-home Scotland Travel Journal by Watch Me See!

Scotland Travel Journal
by Watch Me See


This guided travel journal lets you track your experiences in Scotland. There is space to keep note of your most important travel details, you get daily journalling prompts, a map to draw out your route and more.

This journal is perfect for you if you’re new to journalling. The prompts will make it easy to start writing and the layout is designed to minimise the feeling of a blank page “staring at you”. But even if you’re an experienced journaller, you’ll will love the daily prompts and questions to reflect on your trip overall.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time visitor or a repeat traveller to Scotland – the experience prompts and bucket list ideas will enrich your trip, regardless of how many times you’ve been to Scotland before.

I need this journal!

What’s included in the journal?

This resource collection contains…

♥ Space to keep note of your travel details

♥ A map to draw your route

♥ Daily journalling pages for 16 days (you can print more or less, as needed)

♥ Journalling prompts to help you get started

♥ Questions to reflect on your trip overall

♥ Doodling prompts

♥ Experience prompts to try while you’re in Scotland

♥ Inspiration for your Scotland bucket list

♥ A Gaelic language phrasebook

♥ A QR code with links to travel resources

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What makes me a Scotland expert?

♥ I have lived in Glasgow since 2013 and over the years, I have explored all corners of Scotland far and wide. As such, I know the country as a local and as a tourist.

♥ I have travelled thousands of miles around Scotland on road trips, trains, buses, and ferries, and visited over 35 islands. You can rest assured that I don’t only know the must see’s and hotspots, but also the hidden gems and local secrets that will make your trip extra special.

♥ I have slept in countless hotels, B&Bs, hostels, AirBnBs and self-catering cottages – and even on a boat! I have tried almost any activity you can think of – from exclusive private tours at whisky distilleries to zip lining high above Loch Lomond. You can rely on my recommendations.

♥ Through my Itinerary Services, I have helped over 100 people plan a unique trip to Scotland. I know how to surprise you and add a little extra oomph to your itinerary.

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