Plan an Epic Trip to Scotland!

I’m sure you cannot wait to visit Scotland – after all, it is a dream destination of yours, or else you would not be here!

But planning a trip to Scotland can be a daunting task – whether it is your very first overseas trip or the umpteenth time abroad – and that is because Scotland is not only awe-inspiringly beautiful but also incredibly diverse. There are many different regions in Scotland and they all have something different to offer. Each of them is big enough to keep you occupied for weeks on end, but I’m sure you would like to see a little bit of everything, especially if it is your first time in Scotland.

The resources available on Watch Me See will guide you through the jungle of planning your epic Scotland trip. On this page you will find brief introductions to different Scottish regions, links to suggested itineraries and lots of practical advice and tips for your trip. But first, let’s cover some of the basics.

Where to begin?

If you are right at the beginning of planning your Scotland trip, start by familiarising yourself with some of the foundations of travelling Scotland.

Before you get into routes and itineraries, you will have to decide when you want to visit, how long you’d like to stay, how you plan to get around, what kind of accommodation to book and how to cut corners when it comes to deciding on activities.

That’s a lot, right?

Luckily I have just the post for you, which covers answers to all these questions and more:

how to plan a trip to Scotland
A blog post that answers all your questions about trip planning!

Practical Advice for Scotland

You have made your itinerary and decided all the key points of your Scotland holiday – you are good to go, right? Well, not entirely! There are still some open questions, like what to pack, what to expect of the weather or how to stick to your budget. You might wonder whether you have all the essential Scotland experiences for first-timers covered in your itinerary, or what it’s like to travel Scotland along as a woman. But don’t worry – I’ve got your back!