Are you a landscape romantic, a Sassenach or an island hopper? Find out which Scotland itinerary is the best choice for you in order to get the most out of your trip. No matter what brings you to Scotland, let’s find you the perfect itinerary!

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Scotland is a dream destination and people flock here from all over the world to see the iconic landscapes of the Highlands, take in thousands of years of history and immerse themselves in Scottish culture.

Of course the easiest way to plan a trip to Scotland is to just follow the crowds and visit the same places you’ve heard other people talk about.

But travel is incredibly personal. Depending on your priorities and travel style, you may want to see something completely different from the next person!

That’s why it’s so important to plan an itinerary that allows you to experience Scotland on your terms and work through your bucket list – not someone else’s.

So, where in Scotland should you go? For such a small country there is an awful lot to see and many different regions that all offer different experiences. What’s right for you depends on what’s important to you and how you like to travel.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • What first piqued your interest in a trip to Scotland?
  • What is most important to you when you travel?
  • What would you feel really sad about, if you left Scotland without seeing or doing it?

I believe that you deserve your perfect Scotland itinerary – whether you’re looking for mysterious ancient sites, a deep-dive into medieval Clan history, remote sandy beaches or scenic hiking trails!

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Best of Scotland

This is the perfect Scotland itinerary for first timers who want to see the most iconic places in Scotland without missing out on hidden gems. The route covers Glasgow, Glencoe, Fort William, the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, Inverness and Edinburgh.

Perfect for: First-timers & Bucket list travellers

Outlander’s Scotland

This dreamy itinerary is for fans of the books and TV show Outlander. Visit film and book locations, learn about the real history that inspired the story and dive into Scottish history. The route covers Edinburgh, West Lothian, Fife, Inverness, Fort William, Glencoe and Glasgow.

Perfect for: Outlander fans & History buffs

Northwest Highlands (NC500)

This is an epic itinerary for road trippers and landscape lovers who want to explore the stunning northwest Highlands on Scotland’s most famous road trip route, the North Coast 500. This itinerary starts and ends in Inverness and covers the entire NC500 loop including John o’ Groats, Durness, Ullapool, Torridon and Applecross.

Perfect for: Beach bums, Road trippers & Landscape lovers

Outer Hebrides

This itinerary is for island hoppers who want to experience the far-flung Western Isles, Scottish Gaelic culture, breathtaking beaches and more. The itinerary starts and ends in Inverness, but also contains alternatives to start/finish in Glasgow/Edinburgh. The route covers the Isle of Lewis, the Isle of Harris, the islands of Uist and the Isle of Skye.

Perfect for: Island-hoppers, Beach bums & Gaelic curious

Hidden West Coast

This is an unusual itinerary for landscape lovers and island hoppers who want to leave the well-trodden paths to the masses and head off the beaten path instead. The itinerary includes Loch Lomond and Glencoe, Ardnamurchan and the West Highland Peninsulas, the Isle of Mull, Oban and Kilmartin Glen.

Perfect for: Island-hoppers, Landscape lovers & History buffs

East Coast

This jam-packed itinerary is for castle hunters and history buffs who can’t go without a sprinkling of nature, scenery and food, away from the busy west coast. The route covers the Royal Deeside, the Cairngorms National Park, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Fife and Edinburgh.

Perfect for: Castle hunters, Beach bums & Landscape lovers

South Scotland

This is a unique itinerary for landscape lovers, foodies, bookworms and stargazers who don’t mind – no – who thrive on going off the beaten path. Welcome to the south! This route includes the Scottish Borders, Dumfries & Galloway, the Isle of Arran and Ayrshire.

Perfect for: Landscape romantics, Foodies & Nature lovers

Island Hopping: Inner Hebrides

This is a wonderful itinerary for island hoppers with a soft spot for Scottish whisky, wild landscapes, sandy beaches and remote paradise. The itinerary includes Loch Lomond and Argyll, the Isle of Islay, the Isle of Jura, the Isle of Colonsay and Oban, with alternative suggestions for the Isle of Coll and the Isle of Mull.

Perfect for: Island-hoppers, Whisky drinkers & Beach bums

Whisky Galore

This thirst-quenching itinerary is for whisky lovers who want to visit distilleries in different regions and everything else that has to do with the Scottish whisky industry. The route covers the Glasgow, Isle of Islay, Glencoe and Fort William, the Speyside and Edinburgh.

Perfect for: Whisky curious, whisky drinkers & whisky lovers

Mountains & Lochs

This is an itinerary for active travellers, hikers, walkers and nature lovers who want to experience Scotland by immersing themselves in the landscapes of the Highlands. The itinerary covers the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, Glencoe, Perthshire, the Cairngorms National Park and the Angus Glens.

Perfect for: Active travellers, Hill walkers/Hikers & Nature lovers

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