Podcasts are a great way to travel from the comfort of your home and connect with places all around the world without having to get up from your sofa. Here are some of my favourite Scottish podcasts – the most binge-worthy shows from Scotland.

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Podcasts have become somewhat of a phenomenon lately. Current estimated are that there are about 850,000 active podcasts around the world and most people I know love listening to them on their daily way to work, while they hang the washing or when they are out and about for a walk.

Me included – I have fully caught-on to the podcast fever and subscribe to many shows I listen to on a daily or weekly basis.

And here’s the best news: there are many podcasts about Scotland too!

So if you are a Scotland-lover whether you are looking for travel inspiration or just a new way to connect with the country, here are 22 binge-worthy Scottish podcasts to listen to; as well as a few Scotland-themed episodes on other shows!

Great Podcasts from Scotland

Here are some amazing podcasts to listen to that are all about Scotland.

Wild for Scotland

Listening to podcasts wasn’t enough for me – I had to go launch my own!

Wild for Scotland is an immersive storytelling podcast that allows you to travel to Scotland through stories. Every episode features a travel story from my own adventures around Scotland, practical tips to inspire future trips or interviews with inspiring locals.

Every season has a different theme, from stories about the Scottish Isles and road trips to fascinating interviews with the people of Scotland and stories about their adventures. The current season is all about “Uisge – Scottish Waters” You can listen & subscribe anywhere you can find podcasts – find the podcast app of your choice here.

Keep track of your travel memories with my Scotland Travel Journal!

Atlantic – A Scottish Story

Set in the 1930s, Atlantic – A Scottish Story tells the fictional story of Evie and Quinn, two teenagers from St Kilda whose decisions take them on dramatically different journeys. Set against the backdrop of one of Scotland’s most fascinating island communities, the story touches on topics like Gaelic culture and English education, Scottish emigration to America and the tweed industry.

The podcast was created by Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie and features voices by Kirsty Findlay, Sebastian Lim-Seet, David Hayman and Kate Dickie. There are eight episodes and I promise once you start listening, you won’t be able to stop.

Whisky Sisters

If you love whisky, Whisky Sisters is a show for you! Every episode hosts Inka Larissa and Jennifer Rose discuss the latest news from the whisky industry, try a few drams and speak to experts.

The show covers not only Scottish drams but looks also at the international whisky scene. It’s the perfect show to discover new whiskies to try and learn something about the fascinating traditions behind the dram.

Stories of Scotland

Stories of Scotland is a brilliant and award-winning podcast about Scottish history. But if you think history might be a dry podcast subject, think again. Hosts Annie & Jenny are an absolute delight to listen to – especially Jenny’s amazing array of Scottish accents.

Each episode explores a different aspect of Scottish history or specific stories from Scotland’s past through archival research and banter. If you want a right good laugh, start with the episode “Cabbage Patch Murder of Inverness”.

BBC Scotland Outdoors

Scotland Outdoors is a podcast created from the live BBC radio show Out of Doors. Each week, hosts Euan McIlwraith and Mark Stephen discuss different topics related to Scotland’s great outdoors.

They welcome a variety of guests, take us on walks or bike rides in the Scottish countryside and introduce many hidden gems around the country. It’s always a super inspiring listen on the weekend.

Under the Tartan Sky

Produced and hosted by Scotland-lover Glen L. Moyer, Under the Tartan Sky is a podcast about all things Scotland. It only comes out once a month – not enough, if you ask me – but there is a big back catalogue to binge on.

Each episode focuses on a different topic. Some of my recent faves are a show on the Scottish wildcat and one on the Eriskay pony breed.

1,000 Better Stories

1,000 Better Stories is a podcast by the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN).

The show explores stories of community-led climate action all over Scotland. Why not start listening to an episode I produced for this podcast, covering the story of Seawilding and community-led seagrass restoration in Ardfern.

Scottish at Heart

The Scottish at Heart podcast by Alison Fraser explores what being Scottish means. Alison has Scottish ancestry herself, but lives in New Zealand these days. She interviews people who have a strong connection to Scotland, whether they are Scottish by blood, or Scottish at heart. Guests are Scots who live abroad, people with Scottish heritage or New Scots, people who’ve moved to Scotland and made a home there.

I was actually Alison’s first guest – listen to our conversation here!

Love Scotland

Love Scotland is a podcast by the National Trust for Scotland. Hosted by Jackie Bird, the show tells the stories of the Trust’s places and people, focussing on history and conservation work.

They also bring on interesting guests like ocean advocate Cal Major or actor Sam Heughan to talk about their favourite National Trust sites in Scotland.


SeaGazing is a podcast hosted by Nicolette Macleod and Graham Richardson. The show focusses on the Scottish coast, coastal communities and the conservation work they engage in.

Nicolette and Graham interview various people about their work and their relationship with the sea.

Scottish Digest

Scottish Digest is a travel podcast that takes you on a tour around Scotland’s cities, towns and hidden gems. Each episode features a new location and includes general travel information as well as interviews about local history and events.

Listen to the Orkney episode to hear my travel report from Orkney.


Hosted by journalist and Edinburgh-tour guide Ryan Latto, Unearthed is a Scottish history podcast that dives into some of the darker histories of the country. Ryan has a real talent to connect historical topics with current issues and always finds such interesting guests.

Some of my favourite episodes include a double-decker on Scotland’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and an in-depth discussion of the Highland Clearances.

Unforgotten Highland Women

Unforgotten Highland Women is a short podcast series highlighting the lives of remarkable women from the Scottish Highlands.

Host Pauline Moore interviews the people who keep their tales and share these women’s stories with local communities.

Generally Spooky

Scotland’s history is full of spooky stories, ghoulish goings-on and magical mysteries.

Join Highlander husband-and-wife team, Kieran and Eilidh, as they dive into the myths and legends of their homeland once a week.

If you love learning about history, like settling in to listen to a good story, or just enjoy getting a little spooked, then Generally Spooky is the podcast for you.

What we do in the Winter

The podcast What we do in the Winter is a show about life on the islands and what people there get up to, especially in the winter.

It is a community podcast through and through and gives listeners the opportunity to meet people from the local communities on Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.

Scotland – A Scottish History Podcast

With episodes ranging from 5 to 25 minutes, Scotland – A Scottish History Podcast delivers bite-sized stories from Scottish history and insights into how they shaped Scottish society. The show is written and produced by Michael Park.

One of my favourite recent episodes is “Edinburgh Seven” which tells the story of the first women to graduate from med school in Edinburgh.

Malt Whisky Trail podcast

If you’re into whisky – and from the Speyside particularly – give a listen to the Malt Whisky Trail Podcast. The show travels round the Spyside whisky region to hear from experts of the industry, learn about the history of Scottish whisky and discover the hidden gems of the Malt Whisky Trail.

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Scran is the Scotsman’s food and drink podcast. Host Rosalind Erskine travels around Scotland to discover the Scottish food and drink scene. She speaks with local producers, local food experts, historians and chefs about the tastes of Scotland.

A good episode to start with is this foodie journey through Uist.

Scotland Starts Here podcast

If you have ever wondered, whether it’s worth to visit the South of Scotland, look no further than the Scotland Starts Here podcast!

Produced by the local tourism association, this show is all about the natural beauty, heritage, and culture of Midlothian, the Scottish Borders and Drumfries & Galloway.

Cairngorms Characters

If you’re planning a trip to the Cairngorms National Park, check out the Cairngorms Characters podcast. Learn about things to do in the national park and meet the people who live and work there.

There are four episodes covering nature and outdoor activities, food and drink, storytelling and local stories, and sports like shinty and the Highland Games.

Coastal Connections

The Coastal Connections podcast follows the Road to the Isles from Fort William to Mallaig and explores the stories, places and people of Lochaber.

There are six episodes covering different topics and areas across Lochaber, including the musical landscape, the history of the herring industry, seafood in Arisaig and more.

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100,000 Welcomes

Presented by fellow travel blogger Neil Robertson and produced by VisitScotland, 100,000 Welcomes is a podcast about Scotland and its people.

There are 5 episodes focussing on Nature, Culture, Food and Drink, Adventure, and Scotland on Screen.

Great podcast episodes about Scotland

Of course, Scotland has also been featured on many other podcasts. Here are some great episodes of travel and adventure podcasts that travel to Scotland.

I hope I’ve convinced you to jump on the podcast bandwagon and listen to some of these shows.

Is there a Scotland podcast (or episode) you love that is missing from this list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “22 binge-worthy Scottish Podcasts

  1. Nadine says:

    We’re partial, because it’s our podcast, but A Serving of Scotland pairs lovely Scottish attractions with delicious dishes. We would love to be included in the list!

  2. Shelley Smartly says:

    What a wonderful list! You might be interested to know that Eric Smartly, patriarch of THE SMARTLYS award-winning comedy TV, Radio & Podcast series, is from Glasgow, Scotland, and of course still has his accent, kilt, and relatives “back home.”

  3. Christopher Law says:

    Don’t we do anything apart from tourist brochure podcasts. As a Scottish person, I was looking for a podcast based in Scotland, not necessarily about Scotland

    • Kathi says:

      Hi Christopher and thanks for checking by Watch Me See! Since this is a travel blog about Scotland, I focussed on including shows that are about Scotland, it’s history, natural world, stories & myths, whisky, island life, and – yes – also travel experiences here. I’m sure there are many podcasts by Scots that focus on different subjects too! Cheers, Kathi

  4. Michelle Woods says:

    That’s a fantastic list! We’re particularly partial to Under the Tartan Sky. May we also recommended ours, Imagine Alba, found on most pod catchers? We’re especially proud of our recent two part episode about the Argyll clearance village, Arichonan. Cheers, Michelle

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