Are you planning a solo trip to Scotland?

Scotland is an amazing destination for solo travellers! There are many things to do, it is easy to navigate and book transport, accommodation and activities, and it is also a very safe country.

In case you are wondering – Scotland is also great for female solo travellers!

I travel a lot by myself around Scotland and most of my itineraries can easily by done on a solo trip – you might want to slow down a little, depending on your budget and your stamina. If you travel by public transport, things generally move a bit slower; if you hire a car and don’t have anyone to share the load with, you might want to spend less time driving and more time exploring.

I particularly love solo hiking in the Scottish Highlands, Islands and Lowlands. There is something invigorating about hiking by myself and feeling along out there in the wide Scottish landscapes. My biggest adventure yet, was solo hiking the Hebridean Way, but there are many more to come!

If you need any support to prepare your solo trip to Scotland, check out my consultation services and get in touch at [email protected] – I love helping other solo travellers to find their way around Scotland!

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