Scotland is a fantastic destination for vegan foodies!

It is much easier to travel Scotland as a vegan than many people might think! I have been vegan since 2017 and always say I am so happy I turned vegan NOW because the vegan food scene in Scotland is thriving.

On Watch Me See you will find reviews of vegan(-friendly) accommodation providers and round-ups of my favourite vegan eateries around the country – check out the blog posts below!

And the best thing is: I include vegan food tips in all of my destination guides and itineraries and try to stay away from any activities that might be uncomfortable for vegans! All wildlife activities promoted on Watch Me See are done responsibly. You might see me mentioning a non-vegan dish here or there, or talk about an accommodation provider that also runs a farm, but please bear in mind that my audience is very varied. I do my best to get people thinking about their food and lifestyle choices, but I . can’t change everyone’s mind at one!

If you head over to my Scotland travel page you can to start planning your vegan-friendly itinerary!

But first, click through to my top tips for visiting Scotland as a vegan:

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