Glasgow is considered to be one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK. And indeed, the plant-based food scene in the city is ever-growing and diversifying. There are in fact so many vegan food options in Glasgow that you are spoilt for choice – and choosing is not always easy! This comprehensive vegan guide features some of my favourite vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Glasgow to make that choice a little easier!

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Being vegan in Glasgow is incredibly easy. There are more than 10 fully vegan restaurants and cafes to choose from and I can barely think of a single restaurant in the city that does not have at least a few vegan options or even a full separate vegan menu. Not every restaurant accommodates dietary requirements at the same level, but as the demand and competition are increasing, many more restaurant managers and chefs are putting on their thinking caps.

This is great because it means even more diverse, creative and delicious vegan food to indulge in! In Glasgow, you can devour fantastic vegan burgers that are almost indistinguishable from their meaty counterparts. There are vegan pubs and music venues with great food offerings. You can build your own pizza or ramen and offer sharing platters of vegan tapas or sushi. And of course, you can try some Scottish dishes with a plant-based twist, such as haggis, fish & chips or cheese toasties.

This post contains some of my favourite vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Glasgow.

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Best for Vegan Breakfast in Glasgow

I love breakfast and brunch and Glasgow is definitely not short of cafes and restaurants that succeed at both. I sometimes wish every day was Saturday! 

Vegan pancakes at Mala Carne.
Vegan pancakes at Mala Carne.

Mala Carne

My favourite place for an indulgent breakfast is Mala Carne, a small vegetarian cafe in Mount Florida, in Glasgow’s trending Southside. On their menu you will find things like a big vegan fry-up with homemade scrambled tofu, a smoked carrot-bagel, or a msasive tofu club sandwich. On weekends, they also do pancakes! What I love most about Mala Carne is their use of creative ingredients, such as pistachios to top off the scrambles eggs or wakame on the smoked carrot for a hint of sea.

1036 Cathcart Rd, Glasgow G42 9XW

Unfortunately, Mala Carne closed in July 2019.

The Glad Cafe

Also in the Southside is The Glad Cafe, a not-for-profit music venue that opens its kitchen to pop ups and rotating kitchen teams. The breakfast and brunch menu is currently offered by Hen of the Woods, a vegetarian breakfast collective that also serves many vegan options. On the menu is mostly Asian inspired, but also features some classics like a big vegan or luxury porridge.

1006A Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2HG

Rose & Grants

If you are based in the city centre and are looking for morning scran, head over to Rose & Grants, a lovely and bright cafe on Trongate. They serve meat but also have a wide selection of vegan breakfast items, cakes and pies. I particularly like their square sausage, so a classic fry-up is a must for breakfast here!

27 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5EZ

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Best for Vegan Lunch in Glasgow

There is no shortage of restaurants in Glasgow with a vegan-friendly lunch menu, but on most days I simply want more than a hummus and roast veg sandwich or the soup of the day. Unfortunately, that’s still often the only choice – but not in these places.

Italian spread at Eusebi's Deli in Glasgow.
Italian spread at Eusebi’s Deli.

Eusebi’s Deli

As far as Italian food goes, Eusebi’s Deli is hard to beat. Giovanna Eusebi’s family has owned an Italian deli on Glasgow for over 40 years and in 2015 she made the move to the West End and added a restaurant to the deli. They offer authentic Italian fare inspired by Giovanna’s childhood memories of summers spent in sunny Italy and they have a fantastic vegan menu.

152 Park Rd, Glasgow G4 9HB

Singl-end Garnethill

Equally great for breakfast and lunch, Singl-end Garnethill is one of my favourite lunch options in the city centre. They also have a second location in the Merchant City! I love their fluffy home-made sourdough bread and they always have the most unusual combinations in their daily salads.

263 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6TT


It feels like there is a new cafe opening in the Southside every month. The aptly named Gnom (try saying that without sounding like you enjoyed the food) is hard to miss and sits right on the popular Pollokshaws Road.They have a fairly small menu and not too many vegan options, but the ones that are there, are knock-out. Try the black bean tacos and try to convince me otherwise!

758 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2AE

Best for Vegan-Friendly Cake & Afternoon Tea

Cake can often be a tricky one – because when I crave cake, I don’t want a lousy flapjack. I want a soft chocolate cake with a liquid core, a fudge chocolate cake with light icing, or a juicy carrot cake. But where to get it?

Vegan Afternoon Tea at the Hidden Lane Tea Room.
Vegan Afternoon Tea at the Hidden Lane Tea Room.

Hidden Lane Tea Room

If you are after a traditional vegan-friendly afternoon tea, look no further than the Hidden Lane Tearoom. This traditional tea room in the popular Finnieston area might be a little hard to find (it’s tucked away from the main road in the Hidden Lane after all), but worth the search. They serve delicious cakes and sandwiches and all sorts of teas on adorable vintage crockery in all the pastel shades you can imagine. And it’s delicious! It’s best to book ahead as it’s a small space and let them know of your dietary requirements.

1103 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8ND

Mackintosh at the Willow

Celebrating a special occasion or taking our your mum for afternoon tea? Mackintosh at the Willow will serve you well. The tea room and restaurant is located in the recently restored Ms Cranstons Tea Room on Sauchiehall Street. Every last detail of the original tea room was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the team stayed as close to these originals throughout the entire restoration process. The food here is lush and for an extra special experience, book a table at the Salon De Luxe. Again, booking ahead and notifying them of your dietary requirement is essential.

215 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3EX

Best for Vegan Street Food in Glasgow

Let’s just say, when I speak about street food, I mean more than a traditional chippy or a munchie box that you pick up from a food van at 2 in the morning.

Falafel wrap from Kurdish.
Falafel wrap from Kurdish.

Kurdish Street Food

Falafel wraps were always a staple in my diet back home in Vienna and also in Berlin, but it took me a while to find the best ones in Glasgow. My favourite place for falafel wraps is Kurdish Street Food – does what it says. They serve meat (of course) but also fantastic falafel wraps in freshly made flat bread and with their own fruity and vegan-friendly falafel sauce. A steal at £3!

12-14 Allison St, Glasgow G42 8NN

Taco Mazama

Finally, more wraps – you might start to see a pattern here. Taco Mazama is a Mexican street food shop (they actually have two locations) where you can stuff your face with burritos, tacos, fajitas and quesadillas. Their vegan fillings include pulled jackfruit, veggie chilli and chipotle tofu (my favourite).

6 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 5AL | 263 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8TL

Best for Street Food Markets in Glasgow

Street food markets are slowly but surely becoming a thing in Glasgow and they usually do their best at providing options for everyone. And the best thing: these markets are family-friendly and dogs are allowed too.

The Dockyard Social is another great food market in Glasgow.

Freddy & Hicks Burger at Platform Street Food Market in Glasgow.
Freddy & Hicks Burger at Platform Street Food Market.

Platform at The Arches

Platform is my favourite street food market in Glasgow for many reasons. First of all, it’s central and really easy to find. Secondly, the variety of food stalls is great and most offer at least one vegan option. Finally, it is indoors and therefore completely independent from the weather. The market takes place in a former nightclub venue, which means it has a great sound system, and there is also a licensed bar. It’s on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on some weekends there is a local design and crafts market in the back as well.

253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL

The Big Feed

I also really like The Big Feed which happens once a month. It is a bit more awkward to reach on public transport but in easy walking distance from the city centre. It is located in an old warehouse without proper heating, which makes is nice in the summer – but not so much when it gets really cold in winter. The food trucks at the market rotate but there are always a few vegan options to choose from. They also have a licensed bar and usually a little truck selling prosecco on tap! The Big Feed is usually a few pounds to enter.

249-325 Govan Rd, Cessnock, Glasgow G51 2SE

Best for Vegan-Friendly Casual Dinner in Glasgow

There is no shortage of restaurants in Glasgow that offer a casual dining experience. Glaswegians are very down-to-earth and that reflects in the restaurant scene.

Ranjit's Kitchen in Glasgow
Ranjit’s Kitchen

Ranjit’s Kitchen

If you like Indian cuisine, Glasgow is definitely the city for you. One of my favourite Indian restaurants is Ranjit’s Kitchen which is family-run and served vegetarian Panjabi fare. They can always adapt their dishes of the day to suit vegans too. They usually only have one daal of the day and one sabji, but also have a wide selection of sides available. We always order too much – but there is never really enough Panjabi food!

607 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2QG

The Hug & Pint

Another music venue with an excellent food offering, The Hug & Pint is one of Glasgow’s outstanding vegan pubs. Their menu is Asian-inspired and created by the same people who run Hen of the Woods at The Glad Cafe. Dishes are to share and that’s good because you will want to order everything.

171 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9AW

Nonna Said

Nonna Said makes delicious Napoli style pizza, but rather than offering just one or two vegan pizzas with plant-based or no cheese at all, Nonna Said has duplicated their entire menu for vegans. That means omnis and vegans can pick from the exact same menu and every single dish is available both ways. My personal favourite is the Jamaican Me Crazy pizza with a Caribbean kick. But you also can’t go wrong with any of the fritters as a starter.

26 Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1LD

Best for Vegan Scottish Food in Glasgow

Traditional Scottish food does not necessarily have a vegan-friendly reputation. Lots of meat and seafood, heavy cream and butter, honey-glazing – you name it. But there are a few restaurants in Glasgow where you can taste Scottish classics with a plant-based twist.

Forget about haggis and cullen skink - vegan food heaven is waiting for you in Scotland! Find out how easy it is to travel Scotland as vegan!
Haggis bonbons at The Red Onion.

Red Onion

Run by John Quigley, the former private chef of the likes of Bryan Adams or Guns’n’Roses, the Red Onion is a local favourite when it comes to Scottish fine dining with plenty of options for vegans. There is a separate vegan set menu with a variety of starters and mains to choose from. The atmosphere at the Red Onion is a mix of casual and fine dining – not too fancy to feel out of place, but certainly, an occasion to dress up a bit!

257 W Campbell St, Glasgow G2 4TT

Ubiquitous Chip

The Ubiquitous Chip might just be Glasgow’s most famous restaurant. Located on Ashton Lane it houses a fine dining restaurant, a more relaxed brasserie and three bars, including the smallest pub in town. Prices are definitely at the higher end whether you are in the restaurant or the brasserie, but the food is delicious. Ask for the separate vegan menu!

12 Ashton Ln, Glasgow G12 8SJ


Opened in 2002, Mono was the first fully vegan establishment in Glasgow. It is not only bar and restaurant, but also a music venue and houses a small record shop called Monorail. The menu is full of comfort food – I love their pizza – but an absolute highlight here is the Tofish & Chips!

Kings Court, 12 G1 5RB

Best for Vegan Healthy Food in Glasgow

Ironically, vegan restaurant food does not always have the best reputation for being healthy. While I’m not one to advocate for more vegan salad options, I certainly like it when restaurants offer something other than carb-city or fried foods. These restaurants are my favourites when I want to stuff my face without feeling guilty afterwards.

Feed Me at Hanoi Bike Shop.
Feed Me at Hanoi Bike Shop.

Hanoi Bike Shop

The Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi Bike Shop was the first restaurant I have ever tried in Glasgow and it has been a favourite ever since. They serve meat, but they also have an expansive vegan menu. They make their own tofu fresh every day and always come up with new creations. Come here if you love lots of veggies and crazy sauce combinations, but don’t be put off by the smell of fish sauce – it is a small open kitchen. My go to is the “Feed Me” option, where they just bring out a selection of tasters and dishes until you are full to burst.

8 Ruthven Ln, Glasgow G12 9BG


Picnic is a great vegan cafe in the Merchant City neighbourhood of the city centre. The owner Michelle whips up the healthiest fruit juice creations and smoothies, but they also make great raw salad bowls, sandwiches and burgers. Picnic recently started offering dinner on Saturdays as well!

103 Ingram St, Glasgow G1 1DX

Soul Food Kitchen

One of Glasgow’s latest fully-vegan restaurants is Soul Food Kitchen in the Finnieston neighbourhood of the West End. The restaurant prides itself for providing healthy plant-based food – health and wellbeing are at the centre of their menu. Their food is free from sugar and there are no processed meats in sight. PS: They also offer vegan afternoon tea!

973 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G3 7TQ

Best for Vegan Burgers in Glasgow

If there one type of restaurant in Glasgow you won’t have an issue finding, it’s burger places. There are so many burger places in the city, you could think that’s all we eat here! Most have vegan options, but once you have almost choked on a dry chickpea and spinach patty you know, not all vegan burgers are made the same.

Burgers and hot dogs at Bath St Burger.
Burgers and hot dogs at Bath St Burger.

Bath St Burger

Apart from Freddy & Hicks burgers, which are usually available at Platform street food market, Bath St Burger is my personal favourite when it comes to burger joints in Glasgow. They use Magic Mountain burger patties which look almost indistinguishable from actual meat – the consistency, the colour, the taste are all spot on. Not for everyone, but in my eyes that’s a win. They have a couple of different burgers and hot dogs and a surprisingly amazing cauliflower salad which makes a great healthy side.

22 Bath St, Glasgow G2 1HB


Opened just recently in Glasgow’s busy shopping district, Smashburger on Sauchiehall Street has loads of vegan burger options. They use two different burger patties, a juicy butternut and chickpea patty and alternative meat patty by The Not Beef Burger Co. You can choose from the set burger menu or create your own from a long list of potential fillings.

165 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3EW

Best for Vegan Comfort Food in Glasgow

Burgers are only the beginning of comfort food in Glasgow – next up are hot dogs and pizza.

Takeaway pizza from Romans Pizzeria.


One of my favourite music venues in Glasgow also has a great food menu. Bloc+ does a simple menu of burgers, hot dogs, bagels and other snacks. I love their spicy Veganoid hot dog and usually also get a side of vegan poutine to stuff my face. They also do daily food + drink deals, which makes it super budget-friendly.

117 Bath St, Glasgow G2 2SZ

Best Vegan Fine Dining in Glasgow

Sometimes, life throws a special occasion at you but the food falls short – think of all the times you paid a premium price at a fine dining restaurant, only to be served tomato soup, mushroom risotto and a trio of sorbet… Not here though!

Meal at Six by Nixo
Vegan tasting menu at Six by Nico

Nippon Kitchen

As far as Japanese food is concerned, Nippon Kitchen is my favourite place in Glasgow. They have a separate vegan menu with lots of choices of sushi and hot main dishes and an extensive cocktail menu. The downstairs restaurant is fancy, but not to the point where you feel out of place. There are several private dining rooms upstairs where you can choose from set menus for special occasions.

91 W George St, Glasgow G2 1PB

Six by Nico

Six by Nico is more than just a restaurant – it has really brought a new concept to the Glasgow dining scene. Every six week, the restaurant launches a new menu, often inspired by a different type of cuisine from around the world. By default, the menus come in an omni and a vegetarian version, but vegan alternatives can always be provided. Every now and then, Six by Nico launches a specifically vegan version of one of their menus – that’s what I tried and the food was absolutely delicious!

1132 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TD and 142 Nithsdale Rd, Glasgow G41 5RB

Browns Brasserie & Bar

You could not be more central than at Browns Brasserie & Bar which is located in the heart of Glasgow on George Square. You dine in a beautiful settings with views over the bustling square. The menu features several vegan options such as an Indian-inspired Coronation Cauliflower dish and seasonal salad bowls. They also have a fantastic cocktail menu to choose from.

1 George Square, Glasgow G2 1DY

Vegan restaurants in Glasgow

Of course, there are only so many eateries I can recommend in a blog post like this, but there are many more vegan-friendly restaurants in Glasgow that are worth a taste.

This is a highly personal selection and from time to time my favourite restaurants in Glasgow change as well! There are many restaurants out there that would be just as great a choice as the ones I’ve mentioned here.

It’s now easier than ever to find vegan options and Glasgow really has a vegan restaurant for any occasion. I hope you will find this resource useful and share it with your fellow vegans living in or travelling to Glasgow!

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